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"My most basic theme"
Artist statement 2007 (English)

Liz Crossley

"Diary during WHAG residence"
January to February 2013 (English)

Liz Crossley

"Green Strip"
Texts from the booklet translated in both languages, 2009
(German and English)

Grass shall cover our cities
Artist statement on garden work, 2005 (English)

Liz Crossley

Green Strip

"Graben im Land der Kindheit"
Berliner Zeitung, 2003 (Deutsch)

"Trenches in a childhood land"
Berliner Zeitung, 2003 (English translation)

Ingeborg Ruthe

"Wenn die Kunst aus ihrem elitären weißen Ghetto ausbricht..."
Annäherungen an Liz Crossleys Projektion An other 1995

"When art breaks out of its elite white ghetto..."
Approaches to Liz Crossley's projection An other 1995
(English translation)

Dr. Irene Below

Opening speech for This was a City
at William Humphries Art Gallery, 2004 (English)

David Morris

This was a City
Artist Statement for the exhibition, 2004 (English)

Liz Crossley

Miles and Miles
Analysis of Liz Crossley work (English)

Sabine Marschal


Eröffnungsrede zu Land-Schafft-Geschichten
im Umweltbundesamt, 2000 (Deutsch)

Opening speech for Land=hiSTORIES
at the Umweltbundesamt, 2000 (English translation)

Michael Thoss

"What can one achieve with art in the South African history context?"
Conference presentation, 2006 (English)

Liz Crossley

Hare portrait of Liz Crossley by Angela Bonnani

The Past is not Dead
Report on the project, 2005 (English)

Liz Crossley